Monday, August 20, 2012

Show me your "Mumu"

Crazy Carl - LaLa Lime
This Mu is La La Lime. Hung out at Echo Beach in the 80's. Surfin and running around in nothin but LA LA and a bikini. She is a catch. Only goes for the sun bleached blonde surfer boys....and has no dreams of growin up. 
LA LA Livin life this one.

Samantha Dress - TeaCup Blue
Tea parties galore! Teacup brown now has a beautiful sister for double the trouble! Her brilliant blue and white print look ahhhmazing gleaming 
under the sun. 
Teacup blue loves you!

Once upon a time, on a whimsical and powerful island, two free-spirited and lively ladies created a wild invention essential to the daily life of girls. This island was called Manhattan, and the girls answered to the names of Cammy and Cologne. And the invention? Well, this is where the story begins…
Being born on the bayou in New Orleans, Cammy fluttered to California in search of sunshine. Cologne was Newport Beach bred and left her lovely mermaid life for the books—to UC Berkeley, where the two girls spent their collegiate existence. From sandcastles and the south to skyscrapers and subways, the girls relocated to the center of the universe, New York City. It was from this bustling metropolis jungle that the girls departed on a spontaneous and unnecessarily essential Miami weekend adventure in the summer of 2009—The summer of LOVE. The weekend was a nonstop rush of dancing, dining, and dreaming in the humid summer air. Everything seemed perfect and entirely complete—except for their wardrobes. You see, they would consistently purchase shirts and tops in sizes much larger than they wore, stretch out the neck and throw over vintage slips to become the ideal comfy yet cute mumu-esque dress. However, as many tops that they stretched and dresses that they cut, they could not find the ideal fit. It needed to be baggy and short, flattering and girly, but not so much as to swallow you whole. Why not, they realized, while ocean side under the palm trees of Meeeahhmi, create this much-needed staple themselves?? That night, amidst a sake-infested and mouthwatering lobster dinner, a dear and lifelong bff was informed of the two ladies’ brilliant and crucial invention. Naturally, he spontaneously shouted “Reinventing the mumu?! I love it! Show me your Mumu!”
And there it was, sparkling and clear. That was all that needed to be said.
It could be worn by all—big and small, short and tall—and could be a dress, a top, a tunic, or…anything I suppose. It could come in jersey, polyester—or silk chiffon. It could come in floral, paisley—or black spider print. Holiday theme mumu, lace mumu, sequin mumu, fringe on your mumu…the possibilities seemed truly endless. Thus, they set out in search of the perfect fit—the ideal body—which only, ultimately, they could find by creating it themselves. The spelling mistake was intentional—they were, after all, reinventing the mu’u mu’u and therefore dubbed it “The Mumu” instead.
Back in New York, they ever-so-luckily stumbled upon little Mrs. Primrose, who—after fittings galore—patterned the perfect Mumu. So perfect, in fact, that the girls cannot wait to show you. And in another streak of luck, the girls discovered the greatest jewel of all—The Mumu Factory. This place is unlike anything they had ever seen before—a dreamlike place they only imagined existed in make-believe. But since this fairytale is 100% real, so is this incredible factory—and so is Levi, King of The Factory. Racks of vintage treasures, sewing machines, tents, antique furniture, and artwork everywhere—this extraordinary factory was the two girls’ dream.
And so the mumu was born. And they will never again wear anything else.
Now, they are ready to show you their Mumu. It is here. The mumu is real.

Show me your - Mumu
I just love the clothes at "show me your MuMu"!!
They are unique, comfy and have that bohemian style that rocks. 
Make sure you check them out. 

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