Monday, September 17, 2012

The Fifty Best, The Queen Armchair and Let today be the day you stop!


The Fifty Best is an amazing site, they list the Best Fifty
 Restaurants, Wine, Spirits, Cigars, Beer, Food, Travel, Design, Entertainment, and Nightlife

Linvin The Queen of Love Armchair

Well, if you need a pop of color indoors or out, this over-the-top throne might suit your fancy. Personally, I tend to lean towards the black or white because color seems a bit superfluous, but maybe I’m boring that way.
Made of recyclable linear polyethylene, UV resistant.
Available in 11 different colors.
Made in Italy.
W40 x D35 x H43″
I just love these and they are now on my "wish list"!!

Great words of advice, still here, stronger and wiser!

We love paradise.
Have a fabulous week!!


La Petite Gallery said...

well Shannon, love those chairs. Great words too.
be well,

Shannon D. said...

Hi Yvonne,

I am glad you like, I saw the chairs and immediately added them to my wish list for our place up at the lake.

I appreciate the comments always that you leave.

Thank you!!